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Challenge 012 Reminder - Castle Video Contest [castle_fic] [castleicons] [castlebeckett] [castle_icontest] [stanakaticfan] [castlexovers] [fillion_daily] [castle_watch] [castle_daily] [fans_of_fillion] [castle100] [caskettdaily] [castlegifs] [castleland] [castlecon] [castlelims] [abc_castle] [castle_awards] [castle_espanol] [seamusdeverfan] [castlepoetry] [ryanandesposito] [castlekink] [cstleminuscstle]
March 29th, 2010
04:00 pm


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Challenge 012 Reminder

Entries for Challenge 012: Humor/Silly are due April 1st!

We currently have two entries, so please consider entering! Remember, if you've already made a Castle video you think will fit the challenge, you are more than welcome to post it as long as it hasn't already won at this community.
Submit your entires here.

Thanks, everyone! Hope you all enjoy "Boom!" tonight. =D

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